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Posted November 07, 2012 in Media Center

Election Night | Sacramento

Election Night | Sacramento

CTA President Dean Vogel and other leaders joined Governor Brown in Sacramento on Election Night.

Posted November 05, 2012 in Media Center

Election | Thank You

Election | Thank You

Thank you for getting the vote out. Thank you for voting. Thank you for everything you do for public education.

Posted January 28, 2013 in Media Center

Election Celebration | State Council

Election Celebration | State Council

CTA celebrates the November Election at the January State Council of Education.

Posted October 22, 2012 in Media Center

"This is the most important election ever..." | CTA Vice-President Eric Heins

CTA Vice-President Eric Heins talks about the importance of the upcoming election at a SF Press Conference during CTA's Community-based State Council Weekend.

Posted February 25, 2014 in Events

CTA State Council

CTA's top policy-making body is the State Council of Education. Meeting four times a year, the council's nearly 800 delegates elect the three state-level CTA officers and the CTA Board of Directors....

Posted September 25, 2012 in Media Center



CTA President Dean Vogel, Vice-President Eric Heins and Secretary-Treasurer Mikki Cichocki encourage you to vote in the upcoming November Election.

Posted July 26, 2012 in Media Center

2012 Presidents Conf Prop 32

Proposition 32

CTA President Dean Vogel, at CTA's 2012 Presidents Conference, explains how important it is to defeat Proposition 32 in the upcoming November election.

Posted July 25, 2012 in Media Center

Proposition 30

Proposition 30

CTA President Dean Vogel speaks about the importance of Proposition 30 passing in the upcoming November election at CTA's 2012 Presidents Conference.

Posted November 08, 2012 in Media Center

"We made a difference..."

Grossmont Education Association member James Messina talks about his "aha" moment during this election season.

Posted February 05, 2013 in Media Center

We Did It! | State Council

We Did It! | State Council

CTA President Dean Vogel talks to the January 2013 State Council of Education about how we helped defeat Prop 32 and pass Prop 30 in the November election.

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