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Posted October 31, 2014 in the Blog

State Agency Issues Complaint against Chico School District

PERB Action Charges District with Violations of California Law

CHICO – The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), the agency that oversees public sector bargaining, has issued a complaint...

Posted October 23, 2014 in the Blog

Stockton Teachers Continue to Press District to Make Classroom the Top Priority

(Photo above) During a school board meeting, Stockton teachers display their resolve to fight for...

Posted October 29, 2014 in the Blog

Jamming: 300 Stockton Educators Pack School Board to Demand "Classrooms First"

(Photo above) Chanting and clapping, Stockton Teachers and their supporters jam the...

Posted October 24, 2014 in Site Pages

Joe Nunez Council Speech

Joe Nunez Council Speech October 2014

Posted April 23, 2012 in California Educator

Stockton teachers win appeal

Everyone should be treated fairly, and a teacher’s job security should not be determined by how the employer says the position is funded. That thinking prompted the Stockton Teachers Association...

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Posted November 21, 2011 in California Educator


CTA pushes for Jobs Act

On Oct. 21, education, community, and labor leaders gathered at a news conference in Los Angeles to urge Congress to pass President Obama’s Jobs Act and to help put millions of Americans back to...

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Posted December 21, 2010 in California Educator

Educator Dec 10 Jan 11

Great job

Dessiree Garcia walks into a supermarket with a résumé and a smile on her face. She asks for the manager, greets her with a handshake, and asks if there are any job openings. She is told that at...

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Posted April 30, 2010 in California Educator

CTA-opposed measure would gut teachers' rights

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sen. Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) are attacking public education and teacher rights in a new bill that will make it harder to keep quality teachers in local classrooms....

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Posted April 30, 2010 in California Educator

capo strike

Capistrano educators call for strike

“Sometimes you have to draw a line, and if the issues are as critical as the ones 2,200 members of the Capistrano Unified Education Association are fighting for, if it has to be a picket line, so...

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Posted March 31, 2010 in California Educator

march 4 sf

March 4 rallies

Great public rallies, like the March 4 events across California and the nation, can often set the stage for even greater victories that shed light on social inequities. CTA’s statewide “Cuts Hurt”...

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