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Posted June 14, 2012 in Site Pages

CASBO Article

Another powerful school association has endorsed Gov. Jerry Brown’s November tax initiative that is designed to restore some K-12 education funding. In a unanimous decision on June 9,...

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CTA President David A. Sanchez's response to the controversial Los Angeles Times article

"Publishing the database assembled by the LA Times as an accurate measure of teacher effectiveness or even as a 'value-added'

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Preview of upcoming Educator: Teaching Holidays in a Culturally Sensitive Manner

Don Steinruck, who is a member of the Absentee Shawnee tribe, teaches middle-schoolers at Smith River Elementary School. In the upcoming issue of the California Educator magazine, Steinruck and other...

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Daily Kos July 1 article

It goes without saying that the conservative movement seeks to eviscerate funding for public education, for the sake of both profit and theocracy. But the bigger danger is the fact that the trend toward...

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Posted August 15, 2014 in the Blog

CTA Hosts Meeting of Community of Practice, Advocates for Youth with Disabilities

(Photo below)  At right, Ed Amundson, the CTA Liaison to the California Community of Practice (COP),...

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Latest Advocate

Posted March 27, 2012 in the Blog

Teacher/Education Advocates to Debunk Pension Foes at Two Wed. Events

The Sacramento Press Club is hosting two events on Wednesday that will give teacher and school employee advocates  the chance to debunk the unfounded assertions of those who would take away their secure...

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July Advocate 2013

CCA Advocate - PDF here

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March Advocate 2013

CCA Advocate - PDF

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December Advocate 2012

CCA Advocate - PDF

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