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Posted June 18, 2014 in Press Releases

CTA Commends Legislature for Budget That Boosts Education Spending

More Transparency and Caps on District Reserves Will Channel Additional Dollars into Classrooms


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Posted May 06, 2014 in the News

Draft accountability plans raise concerns about usefulness to parents

California school districts are in the process of drafting plans detailing how they intend to spend state education dollars and, so far, most of the documents are dense with education

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Posted March 11, 2014 in the News

All segments of community involved in Merced school district’s accountability plan

As part of a new process for obtaining state funding, Merced high school district officials have been meeting with different groups to determine future needs and priorities.

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Posted January 03, 2014 in the News

Common Core, funding rules usher in change for 2014

Inland schools are grappling with major changes in 2014 both in the classroom and the way they create budgets.

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Posted October 02, 2013 in Press Releases

CTA Commends Governor Brown for Signing Bill to Overhaul State’s Student Assessment System

SACRAMENTO – California Teachers Association President Dean E. Vogel issued the following statement commending Governor Jerry Brown for signing AB 484—a bill that will overhaul the state’s...

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Posted August 16, 2013 in the News

Critics Blast Away at California Districts' Waiver

By awarding a No Child Left Behind Act waiver to eight California districts, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has embarked on an experiment that

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Posted October 03, 2012 in Press Releases

Prop. 30 Delivers School Dollars to Classrooms with Strict Accountability

Sacramento, CA – The Yes on Prop. 30 campaign today released a 5-prong series of television ads that highlight the facts about Prop. 30 - the only initiative that protects schools and colleges...

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Posted February 24, 2011 in California Educator

Evaluation Workgroup seeks members’ views

How would you rate your last job performance evaluation experience? Did it provide useful insights and suggestions to help you do your job even better? Or was it a mere formality with no long-range...

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Posted November 30, 2010 in Press Releases

Lessons Learned -- QEIA Reforms Lift Up At-Risk Students

CTA’s Quality Education Investment Act Is Model Intervention Program

The largest public education reform program of its kind, California’s Quality Education...

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Posted August 02, 2010 in Press Releases

CTA Supports Adoption of Core Standards; Remains Concerned about 8th Grade Algebra Requirement and Successful Implementation

BURLINGAME – David A. Sanchez, president of the California Teachers Association, released this statement today regarding the adoption of Common Core State Standards by the State Board...

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