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2011-2012 CTA Communications Award



The Communications Awards Program is designed to:

  • Encourage CTA chapters, service centers and UniServs to communicate with their members; and to
  • Recognize and honor those CTA chapters, service centers and UniServs which communicate regularly and effectively.

Entries are solicited each summer from the previous school year. The entries are judged by members of the Communication Committee of CTA’s State Council of Education. The awards are conferred at local Service Center Councils. Entry forms are prepared and distributed by CTA’s Communications Committee. The form is accompanied by a copy of CTA’s Mission Statement.

General Requirements


Entries should reflect the philosophy and principles of the chapter, service center or UniServ and of CTA-NEA. Nominations should include, but are not limited to:

  • A devotion to equal education opportunity and to raising the quality of education for all students;
  • A parallel allegiance to elevating the status of the teaching profession and advancing the well-being of its members;
  • A commitment to reflecting the state’s cultural and ethnic diversity and to promoting mutual understanding and respect among all Californians; and
  • Affiliation with CTA and NEA.

Those preparing the entry form are asked to identify:

  • Number of members in their chapters and bargaining units;
  • Name and position (teacher, association staff member, etc.) of the person(s) responsible for producing the communication; and
  • Method(s) employed in producing it.

Locals may submit entries into as many different categories as they choose, however, locals may not submit multiple entries in one category. 

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