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Teachers for Healthy Kids

Teachers for Healthy Kids

CTA and the California Association of Health Plans recognize the correlation between a child's health status and school performance. Comprehensive and integrated school-based efforts to enroll uninsured children have been endorsed by government and private agencies, yet teachers, the most trusted line of communication to parents, had not been meaningfully engaged in health outreach prior to the advent of this project. The goal of Teachers for Healthy Kids is to address this situation by promoting teachers as information resources who can enhance parent awareness of low or no cost health, dental and vision insurance programs which in turn would increase student access to health care.

Teachers for Healthy Kids brings together health insurance plans and teachers dedicated to improving the health of students and increasing their chances of academic success. Working together with parents, school nurses, school support staff, administrators, government agencies and community group, the project seeks to ensure that all children can obtain no or low cost health coverage.

Healthy Air, Healthy Kids Project

CTA's Healthy Air, Healthy Kids project aims to increase teacher awareness of the ways in which indoor air quality affects the learning environment. About one is six California children under the age of 18 has been diagnosed with asthma. CTA's indoor air quality project will help educate teachers on how to police their own classrooms for such dangers as toxic mold. 

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Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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