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Student Book Review: "Wonder"

by Jolie Escamilla

There are multiple words to describe R.J. Palacio’s Wonder: hilarious, sad, rich. Children of all ages will enjoy this page-turning book. 

In my opinion, Palacio has written this memorable story to remind people not to judge a book by its cover. 

In this story August, the main character, has a facial deformity and suffers severe social rejection. Personally I do feel sorrow for August and the way he is treated. But there are many parts in the story that I do enjoy. For example, I thoroughly enjoyed the part where Jack (August’s friend) and August first meet and initially don’t like each other, but gradually, Jack learns to accept August’s differences and begins to like him. 

In conclusion, I think that Wonder is a good book to read. 

Jolie Escamilla lives in Belmont, CA. Jolie just completed 5th grade at Fox Elementary and will start at Ralston Middle School in the fall.

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