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ESP Day 2014

ESP Day 2014

Education Support Professionals (ESP) 2014

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Education Support Professionals play a crucial role in the everyday lives of our students, and are a vital part of the work that goes on every day in our schools. The paraeducators who work directly with students, the clerical service staff who deal with parents and make our schools run, and the custodial and maintenance professionals are all important to the success of our schools.

CTA established a special day to honor our Education Support Professionals on the third full Tuesday in May during our CTA ESP Week. For 2014 that date was May 20.

As one great family, we must all work to raise the status of Education Support Professionals, and we must work to raise the pay as well. We must strive to ensure that all school workers receive the salary and benefits they deserve.

And, as colleagues, we must thank the education support professionals in our schools, whether they are CTA members or not.

We hope you take time on May 20 to recognize Education Support Professionals in your schools. Perhaps you will plan a special lunch, conduct an awards ceremony, set up ESP art as your computer wallpaper, send a thank you card or an e-card, or offer some words of appreciation for the work they do.

You can also use these sample Social Media posts for your Facebook pages or Twitter feeds:

 The front line of public education begins with first school bus ride in the morning and ends when the custodian turns lights off at night.

 May 20 is Education Support Professionals Day, when we honor and thank those who take care of our schools.

 Get to know Janet Eberhardt: CTA’s Education Support Professional of the Year www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9VffTtVqf8

 Education Support Professionals make up 40% of the total K-12 workplace. #ESPDay 

For more information on CTA ESP, please visit our ESP page.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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