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Having a Baby?

The CTA Well-Baby Program provides expecting mothers with a host of information and resources, such as:

  Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book;
  Access to a Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy registered nurse over the phone, throughout your pregnancy and three months post-partum;
  Access to Ask Mayo Clinic, a 24-hour toll-free nurse line;
  Other tools, including a growth chart and pregnancy calculator.

The CTA Well-Baby Program is available to eligible CTA members or to a spouse/domestic partner of eligible CTA members.  An eligible CTA member is one who participates in the CTA Voluntary Group Life or Disability Plan. To take full advantage of the CTA Well-Baby Program, we encourage you or your spouse/domestic partner to enroll in the program within your first trimester.

Please note: enrollment will not be accepted past the first 20 weeks of your or your spouse/domestic partner’s pregnancy. However, if you are a CTA member or the spouse/domestic partner of a CTA member who is past 20 weeks of pregnancy, a one-time late enrollment opportunity will be accepted as long as the CTA member is within the first 120 days of new employment.

For more information on, or to enroll in, the CTA Well-Baby Program, call Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy at: (800) 906-1064.

CTA Voluntary Group Disability Insurance Plan

If you are enrolled in the CTA Voluntary Group Disability Insurance Plan, you may receive benefits for the period you are disabled due to your pregnancy.

To file a claim for the benefits to which you may be entitled, you must complete and submit a claim form within 90 days of the start of your disability, though you should file your claim as soon as possible. For more information, call The Standard: (800) 522-0406.

District Benefits

Be aware of the benefits available to you through your school district. These District/Association negotiated benefits may include medical coverage (to help pay for your prenatal care, delivery charges, newborn nursery care, etc.) and time off benefits. Be sure you understand your rights under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California law.

Keep in mind that your school district health plan or health care sponsor has timelines to add your new baby to your health coverage. You should also contact your CTA Primary Contact Staff (PCS) to learn about your maternity leave benefits.

Enrolling in CTA Voluntary Group Life and Disability Insurance Plans

Consider whether you have enough life, disability and accident insurance coverage – after all, there will soon be another person counting on you for financial security! Through CTA’s endorsed provider, The Standard, whenever you have a Family Status Change (birth/adoption, marriage/domestic partnership, divorce/dissolution) you have 31 days from that date to make adjustments to your Life and Disability plans with no evidence of good health required.

If you are not enrolled in the CTA Voluntary Disability insurance plan, or you or your spouse/domestic partner and/or child(ren) are not enrolled in the CTA Voluntary Group Life insurance plan, now might be the time to do so.

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