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News & commentary on misguided lawsuit Vergara v. State of California

 Why that ruling against teacher tenure won't help your schoolchildren | The Los Angeles Times

 Vergara Decision Is Latest Attempt to Blame Teachers and Weaken Public Education | Huffington Post

 Judge Finds California Teacher Tenure Laws Unconstitutional | KQED radio

 Graduating Oakland student leaves legacy of landmark tenure ruling | CBS Local News

 Making it easier to fire teachers won't get you better ones | Op-Ed

 Blockbuster tenure ruling left a few things out | sfgate.com

 Guest commentary: Teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions | Contra Costa Times

 Weeks of Testimony Demonstrate Empty Premises of ‘Vergara v. State of California’ Suit as Closing Arguments Wrap Up Trial | CTA Press Release

 Vergara trial: Stanford education reseacher defends California teacher dismissal system | 89.3 KPCC

 Vergara v. California: The most dangerous lawsuit you probably haven't heard of | Daily KOS

 Teachers refute ‘ineffective’ charges by Vergara witnesses | LA School Report

 Vergara v California: Painting teachers unions as the bad guys | Political Carnival

 Ex-district chief tells Vergara court teacher laws don’t interfere | LA School Report

 Mark Takano: Our kids deserve much better | OC Register

 Post navigation 3 defense witnesses tell Vergara court collaboration works | LA School Report

 Teacher Tenure Case Now Turns To Defense | Crooks and Liars

 In Vergara, witness says districts can overcome ineffective teachers | LA School Report

 Students' lawsuit targets Calif. teacher-tenure laws | CBS News

 Former superintendent backs tenure, layoff laws as defense opens in ‘Vergara’ lawsuit | EdSource

 The Education of Ted Mitchell Capital and Main

 David Welch: The Man Behind Vergara v. California Capital and Main

 California teachers defend seniority in landmark Vergara v. California education case USC Annenberg

 Plaintiffs rest case in trial over teacher protection laws Los Angeles Times

 Children Last: California Trial Showcases the Corporate War on Teachers and Public Education Huffington Post

 Vergara lawsuit bad for teachers and students Contra Costa Times

 Teachers union president: Vergara lawsuit just an 'AstroTurf' attempt to dismantle teachers' rights San Jose Mercury

 Scapegoating our teachers won't fix our public schools Daily Journal

 Deasy v. Deasy: The Two Faces of L.A.’s School Superintendent Capital & Main

 California lawsuit backers unfairly scapegoat teachers: Letters Press-Telegram Opinion

 Stop tenure tyranny and show some love for our hardworking teachers Los Angeles Times

 Aggressive public relations campaign amplifies courtroom battle against teacher work rules EdSource

 Your personal rights are on trial California Educator

Lawsuit Challenges Teacher Tenure in California KQED Radio

 Why Is Ted Mitchell’s Nonprofit Pushing Vergara v. California? Capital & Main

 Vergara v. California: The Agendas, the Facts, and Recommendations for California Law 34 Justice Blog

 Vergara Trial Targeting Teachers’ Rights Opens Capital & Main

 High-Profile California Lawsuit on Teacher Protections Begins Education Week

 California Lawsuit Attacks Teacher Rights Education Week Teacher

 Teacher tenure goes on trial in Los Angeles courtroom Washington Post

 Lawsuits challenging teacher tenure, seniority protections goes to court next week EdSource

 Lawsuit wrongly targets teachers: Guest commentary San Gabriel Valley Tribune

 Why a Nice Philanthropist Takes on "Bad" Teachers -- and the Rest of Us The Huffington Post

 Scapegoating Our Teachers Won’t Fix Our Public Schools Daily Journal

 High-Profile California Lawsuit on Teacher Protections Begins Education Week

 Vergara Trial Targeting Teachers’ Rights Opens Capital &Main

 CTA State Council Condemns Vergara Lawsuit - California Teachers Association

 Teacher tenure goes on trial in California courtroom The Washington Post

 Lawsuit wrongly targets teachers - San Gabriel Valley Tribune

 Your professional rights are on trial - California Educator

 Lawsuit challenging teacher tenure, seniority protections goes to court next week - EdSource

 Why a nice Philanthropist takes on 'bad' teachers - and the rest of us - Huffington Post

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