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Educator Rights - and CTA's ability to advocate for them


As a California education employee you have certain rights guaranteed by law with respect to your employment. CTA works tirelessly in a variety of ways to preserve and enhance your employment rights and to protect you against certain acts of discrimination. 

CTA is able to advocate for and protect you thanks to your membership dues and the fee (Fair Share) paid by non-members who benefit from contracts bargained by CTA local chapters on behalf of all educators.

At a time when big corporations and the wealthy few are rewriting the rules in their favor, lawsuits are being lodged against unions by those very entities, in an attempt to strip away our rights and silence our collective voice. 

Arrow Attack on Fair Share - Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association - seeks to undermine union members' ability to have a collective voice.

Arrow Misguided lawsuit - Vergara v. State of California - hurts students and attacks teachers' rights.


Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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