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ongoing issues

Class Size Reduction

Small class sizes are key to improving student learning. CTA believes that small class sizes, particularly in grades pre-kindergarten through 12, allows for the optimum development of a student’s potential and ensure individual attention to each student. A reasonable goal for California’s class size is a program that places California in the upper quartile of low class sizes in the United States. Right now, California has the largest class sizes in the country. More

Educator Rights

As a California education employee you have certain rights guaranteed by law with respect to your employment. CTA works tirelessly in a variety of ways to preserve and enhance your employment rights and to protect you against certain acts of discrimination. More

Human Rights

The intent of the Human Rights Department is to promote positive human relations and improve the education of all students with a focus on equitable access to public education. More

Immigration Reform

CTA believes in an immigration process that includes due process, political asylum, and timely legalization without regard to national origin. Immigration policies should guarantee human rights and protect the integrity of the family unit without discrimination. CTA further believes, regardless of immigration status, emergency medical care should not be denied to any person. More

School Safety

School safety is a top priority and school districts should be working on their own safety systems while working with local law enforcement. Armed security should be left to the experts. But educators need and want continued training to help them spot potential mental health needs, bullying or high-risk behaviors. More

Special Education

CTA believes that students with exceptional needs must be educated in the most appropriate placement and that many of these children can benefit by instruction in regular education classes. Class size/caseload limits are vital to supporting educators’ efforts to educate these students, and full funding is crucial to the program’s success. More

Testing and Standards

Contrary to claims by the testing industry, teachers and parents support testing - as long as the testing is fair and in alignment with the state standards and with what is being taught in the classroom. More

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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