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Teachers and workers across America have been watching Wisconsin. On February 22nd at 5:30 pm -- WE ACT! 

CTA will join with other workers and families who care about fairness and Democracy for a Candlelight Vigil on the West Steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento Tuesday evening.

"We Are One" with educators and all public employees who are under attack in Wisconsin. The event at 5:30 p.m. is part of a national day of support for our Wisconsin brothers and sisters whose collective bargaining rights are being threatened by Gov. Scott Walker.

To join us for this important show of force -- and to spread the word to your friends -- TEXT "ONE" TO 69866.

If you cannot attend the vigil in person, you can “virtually attend” by posting on our Facebook page, sending a message on Twitter, and sharing information far and wide about this attack on workers and our united stand.

You can spread the word even more quickly by texting "ONE" to 69866 and using the forward feature to tell a friend. Just enter their phone number when asked, and they'll get the message.

So, don't wait until tomorrow. Sign up for text messages about this campaign by texting 'ONE' to 69866.

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