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State Council of Education

Council Program


CTA is rigorously democratic. Its structure gives members the ultimate voice in what the Association does. By secret ballot, you and your colleagues elect the 760-plus members of the State Council of Education, CTA’s highest governing body. Meeting four times a year, State Council sets policy for the organization, adopts the budget, determines dues, recommends expenditures to the board, elects the executive officers and other members of the board of directors and performs other similar duties.  


June 3-5, 2016
Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles

 CTA President Eric Heins' speech to Council
 Social Media Wrap-Up from Council
 Council Decides

Highlights for the June Council include:

  • NEA Vice President Becky Pringle addresses Council
  • Pride Month Presentation
  • ESP Ten Year Anniversary Celebration
  • End of the year awards and commemorations

    Housing & Master Bill Information:

     For information on Housing call 650-552-5355 and for information and procedures with regard to the Master Bill Request Form check the Lodging and Travel page of the State Council meeting registration website. 


     CTA Standing Rule 1-7.1(C) requires the submission of itemized receipts for all meals claimed for reimbursement. A Report of Missing Receipt form must accompany the Member Expense Statement when an itemized meal receipt is not available.  

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