CCSS Parents

Common Core State Standards: Talking to Parents

The latest California Educator magazine focused on the Common Core State Standards, including how to talk with parents on the matter.
New NEA Officers

New NEA leadership team elected at 2014 NEA Rep. Assembly

Delegates elected new officers at the recent NEA Representative Assembly, making NEA the first major union to be led by three women of color.
Arne Duncan

CA Educators Call for Ed Secretary Arne Duncan's Resignation

Teachers are not the problem. Teachers are part of the solution. It's time we have an Education Secretary who understands and believes that.

US Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court issues anti-union decision in Harris v. Quinn

Illinois case affecting union membership of heath care workers could lead to uncertainty and instability for economic prosperity nationwide.



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Axioms for Organizers

Civil Rights and Union Organizer Fred Ross Sr. Selected for California Hall of Fame

Photo via

Legendary community and labor organizer Fred Ross Sr. will be inducted into the California Hall of Fame on October 1. Ross helped build the labor movement and was a pioneer in opening doors to women and people of color.

Carrie Coss

San Dimas teacher used Common Core to inspire 7th-graders

Reflections from the school year

After finishing the novel, The Outsiders, Carrie Coss told her students they could come to school dressed as "Greasers" - and 200 did! Using Common Core to invigorate her teaching, it was the biggest spirit day at Lone Hill Middle School.

Mel House

North Hollywood educator to receive prestigious award

Award winner

Congratulations to Mel House, a PE educator at Rio Vista Elementary School in North Hollywood, who will receive the 2015 California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence, one of public education’s most prestigious awards.

ipd summer institute

Common Core State Standards, Instruction, Technology and the New Assessments

At this year's CTA Summer Institute, learn CCSS implementation strategies, how to use the new resources and curriculum, how to access the Digital Library for lesson planning, and using formative assessments and performance tasks for instruction.

News Room

CTA President calls for Arne Duncan's resignationwatch
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