Governor releases May revision to the state budget

Gov. Jerry Brown released the May Revision to his proposed state budget plan Thursday, May 17. Recognizing higher state revenues than expected in January, the governor maintains his ongoing commitment to increase funding to our students of greatest need and proposes $3.2 billion more in Proposition 98 (K-14) funding for 2017-18 compared to the current year. 

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Educators help pass two bills out of committee: AB 1478 to make charters transparent and accountable and AB 699 to prohibit discrimination of immigrant students

safe schools

Educators met with assembly members and staff this week to advocate a YES on AB 1478, which will ensure charter school governance is transparent and that monitoring and oversight of charter schools are conducted to protect public education and be in the best interest of our children. The bill was passed out of Assembly Education Committee on a party line 5-2 vote. 

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Make Public Higher Education Public: Report calls for Free Tuition for California Students in the UC, CSU and Community College Systems

Reclaim Higher Education

The $48 Fix: Reclaiming California’s Master Plan for Higher Education explains how a “tuition-free” college education in California is possible today. The plan was unveiled during a California Faculty Association (CFA) news conference. CFA President Jennifer Eagan called the $48 fix “a concrete, fair and realistic solution. California can’t afford to abandon brilliant and financially struggling students” because higher education is unaffordable and inaccessible.

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Take Action: Commit to Student Success

Betsy DeVos

The recent nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. secretary of education is a step in a dangerous direction. DeVos is an anti-public education activist who has spent two decades trying to dismantle the American public school system. In so doing, she has harmed our students.

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Parents, Educators Walk in Thurs. to Reclaim Schools and Promote Proposition 55

Parents and teachers at Gardner Elementary in Los Angeles were among thousands statewide who demonstrated Thursday morning in support of public education and Proposition 55, which will prevent more than $4 billion in cuts to schools. Around California and the nation on Thursday, hundreds of thousands of parents, educators, and community members were “walking into” their local schools as a way of urging more support for students and public education.

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Educators, Parents, and Community Coalition Urge Voters to Support Proposition 55 to Help Children

CTA President Eric Heins, who is an elementary teacher, other educators, parents and community members used a Los Angeles news conference on Monday morning as the opportunity to ask voters to support Proposition 55.

That measure will prevent nearly $4 billion in cuts to education and boost child healthcare services by approving the ballot measure that would keep in effect current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians.

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Board of Education Must Adopt Wider Criteria than Standardized Testing in State's Accountability System, CTA Members Urge

At its July meeting next week, the State Board of Education will take more action regarding the Local Control Funding Formula Evaluation Rubrics that will be used to assess student and school progress as part of the state's new accountability system.(Photos courtesy of the State Board of Education.)

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Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act Has a Number: 55

The CTA and coalition-sponsored initiative to help protect youngsters’ education and health care programs now has a number. It’s Proposition 55 on the Novembr 7 ballot.

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Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act Qualifies for Nov. 7 Ballot

CEHCP qualifies

Efforts by thousands of CTA and coalition members around the state have begun to pay off.  The vital Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act (CEHCPA) has officially qualified for the ballot.

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CTA Gains Approval of Bill to Bar For-profit On-line Charter School Companies

(Center) Stacey Preach, a former teacher at the California Virtual Academy and a parent, and other educators testify in support of CTA-backed AB 1084 (Bonilla).

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