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Honor and Thank Our Education Support Professionals Today and All This Week!

Today, May 17, is Education Support Professionals Day, a time to spotlight the hard work and dedication of the ESPs who – as this year’s theme underscores – “keep our students healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged so they can learn.” The day is the highlight of Education Support Professionals week in California.

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On Day of Teacher, Superintendent’s Accountability Task Force Presents Findings to State Board of Education

(From l.) CTA President Eric Heins points to some key elements of the task force report to a Capitol Television News Service reporter following his presentation to the State Board of Education on May 11, the Day of the Teacher.

Three words summarize the recommendations of Superintendent Tom Torlakson’s Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement: “performance, equity, and improvement.”

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Assembly Education Chair Presents Day of Teacher Proclamation to CTA

(From l.) Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach) presents a resolution to CTA President Eric C. Heins that proclaims Wednesday, May 11, as the 2016 Day of the Teacher.

May 11, 2016 is now “officially” this year’s Day of the Teacher, thanks to a legislative resolution by Assembly Education Chair Patrick O’Donnell.

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San Juan Teachers Association Gains Additional Acclaim for Collaboration for Students

Huffington Post’s Education Page is the latest place to focus on and applaud the San Juan Teachers Association for its commitment to student achievement.

In that on-line publication, Harriet Sanford of the NEA Foundation lauds the Association for its work on helping educators become even better.“

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By Nearly Unanimous Vote, CFA Members Ratify Tentative Contract

(Photo above)CFA members united behind their leadership and bargaining team, making it clear to management that they would strike to secure a fair contract after more than eight years of stagnant salaries that were forcing university staff into bankruptcy and other financial hardships.

With 97% voting “yes,” members of the California Faculty Association (CFA) have approved the tentative contract wrested from California State University management through months of action that demonstrated the union’s solidarity and resolve.

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Educators Meet with Lawmakers to Urge Them to Kill Bad Bills

Educators Meet with Lawmakers to Urge Them to Kill Bad Bills

Educator Fola Odebundmi discusses key CTA position bills with Assembly Member Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) during this week’s meeting at the state Capitol. (Photo by Seth Bramble.)

Dozens of CTA members from around the state converged on the state Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday to let lawmakers know why hundreds of thousands of educators are opposing three pending pieces of legislation.  

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CTA Defeats Attack on Teachers’ Rights in Vergara Suit

Vergara ruling

In a stunning legal victory for students, educators and CTA, a three-justice Court of Appeal has unanimously struck down a Superior Court ruling in the meritless Vergara v. California lawsuit.  The appeal court’s opinion rebukes Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu’s poorly reasoned lower-court ruling in the case.  It also undercuts the efforts by wealthy anti-union “education reformers” to try working around voters, parents, and lawmakers to implement harmful education policy changes. 

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Gender Pay Gap has California Seeing “Red” on Equal Pay Day

CTA State Executive Director Joe Nunez (second from left) and other CTA staff in Sacramento show their colors on April 12, Equal Pay Day. The day highlights the gender-based pay inequities that still plague the state and the nation. While things may have improved, by some calculations, women workers are receiving only 79% of the pay of their male co-workers.

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CFA and CSU Announce Tentative Agreement That Averts Strike

  (From l.) CFA President Jennifer Eagan, Bargaining Chair Kevin Wehr and Kathy Sheffield, the CFA director of representation, announce a three-year tentative agreement that meets the union’s long-standing “Fight for Five” demand. She noted that the agreement affects the planned “largest strike in history that did not happen.”

It took nearly two-years, but the California Faculty Association has won a major victory in its long battle for higher education students and faculty.

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Gov. Brown Signs CTA-backed Legislation to Boost Minimum Wage

Gov. Jerry Brown has offered a helping hand to thousands of low-income Californians struggling to make ends meet by signing a CTA-backed measure that will over time boost the minimum hourly wage to $15.

The boost, brought about by the signing of SB 3, by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Connie Leyva (D-Chino), makes the state one of only two in the nation to raise the minimum wage to $15. CTA and other labor unions had pushed hard for passage and signing of the bill, which will phase in the higher minimum wage in steps by 2022.

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