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Benefits and Services


Pre-Retired Subscribers

Members of CTA are eligible to become Pre-Retired Subscribers prior to retirement. By paying life membership dues of $450, members become eligible to receive the benefits and services of CTA/NEA-Retired immediately upon retirement. Many active members take advantage of this provision in order to ensure their retired membership status upon retirement, and with no further payment of CTA/NEA-Retiree dues, are able to pay for a lifetime of membership at a time when their income may be greater.

Retiring? Don’t Lose Your Association Benefits

As an active member of CTA and NEA, you have been well aware of the many benefits of membership. As a retiree, you will want to retain those benefits that are just as valuable to retirees. You are invited to join and become an active participant in CTA/NEA-Retired, the only retiree organization affiliated with your professional organizations, CTA and NEA.


The benefits of membership in CTA/NEA-Retired begin as soon as you begin your retirement. CTA/NEA-Retired members are entitled to one hour of advice and consultation relating to retirement benefit issues, health and welfare benefit issues and substitute employment. This consultation regarding your retirement rights is provided through the CTA Group Legal Services program.

By continuing your membership in CTA/NEA-Retired, you are also eligible to continue to participate in the many economic benefits available to active members. The following is a partial list of those benefits:

  • Life insurance (Must be participating in this at the time of retirement and continue without interruption / Lifetime membership required.)
  • Automobile insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Credit Union services
  • Educators Employment Liability Insurance
  • No-fee, low-rate VISA/Master Card
  • Savings account
  • Home loans
  • Personal loans
  • Entertainment, travel and purchasing discounts
  • Vision Service Plan
  • Long Term Care Plans

For more information, please visit the CTA Member Benefits page

Be a Member - Your Voice Will Be Heard

CTA/NEA-Retired is the state’s most active and influential lobby for education issues, including retirement and health concerns. Over the last several years,CTA advocates have successfully lobbied to increase CALSTRS benefits for current members. These funds have been used to increase the buying power of retirees, teacher retention and enhanced pension benefits. CTA/NEA-Retired monitors all CALSTRS meetings, presenting the views of its members to the CALSTRS Board of Directors. Working with NEA, CTA/NEA-Retired maintains a constant vigil on federal legislation that may affect retirement benefits. Retired members are kept informed through the Retiree Advocate and website focusing on retiree needs and interests.

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