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2012 ESP of the Year Robert Hill



The California Teachers Association is proud to recognize Robert L. Hill as the 2012 California Teachers Association Education Support Professional of the Year.  During his time as both an employee and union leader, he has proven himself to be an invaluable member.
Hill has worked for the Ventura Unified School District for 14 years, and in that capacity has belonged to the local chapter, the Ventura Classified Employees Association.  Hill has a reputation for volunteering wherever needed and he serves on virtually every committee within the chapter.
“I love to advocate for those who can't. I love the challenge to make our work environment the best for all involved. I decided that this was my way to give back to my community. Others get involved in church, PTA, the animal service clubs etc., but I wanted to the right thing for my colleagues and I have not stopped since,” Hill said.
Having had a dozen years of experience within CTA, Hill recognizes the special challenges the organization faces, but he is optimistic that CTA can only become stronger with the addition of its ESP members.
 “The challenge for CTA is, and will be, to continue to learn more about ESP members and their particular issues and circumstances,” he said. “But I think with the inclusion of ESP, CTA has opened a door to truly become the voice of all workers in the education field.”
Additionally, Hill’s efforts go beyond his own chapter, as he serves on the CTA State Council and as a member of ESP Issues Advisory Committee, as a liaison to CTA on the California PERS Board, and he serves as Treasurer on NEA’s National Council for Education Support Professionals Executive Committee.  Hill spends many days away from home filling the responsibilities of these roles, and CTA and our ESP members are grateful for his efforts.

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