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Honoring Excellence in California Public Education Media Coverage

57th Annual Awards Contest 

CTA members made 2015 a newsworthy year for California’s public schools. Our 57th annual John Swett Awards for Media Excellence will showcase that news. Whether it was about countless ways teachers fight for students, or our successful fights to defend the teaching profession and improve the conditions of teaching and learning, most media coverage of education shined.

John Swett founded CTA in 1863 and elevated the teaching profession as he served as California’s fourth superintendent of public instruction. For the first time, public schools became free for all to attend during his four year term. He raised the bar, and this contest bears his name because all entries must show the kind of commitment to professionalism he gave during his life of advocacy for all educators and students.

This competition honors CTA’s 15 decades of advocacy for our schools, students and teachers. We are honored to invite media to take part in a contest dedicated to the legacy of John Swett and his vision for a vibrant public school system. Newspaper, radio and television editors, reporters, producers, directors and bloggers are all encouraged to enter.

The John Swett Awards annually honor excellence in California public education media coverage. These awards, which are CTA’s highest honor for media professionals, herald outstanding coverage of issues that touched California’s schools, community colleges and state universities.

Winners are awarded plaques at a special Los Angeles reception in their honor. A statewide CTA news release and full-page advertisement listing the winners in the Columbia Journalism Review give further credit where it’s definitely due. Meritorious nominees whose work was not judged the most outstanding in their categories receive Certificates of Merit.

Judging is done by media peers — CTA removes itself entirely from the judging process. All media nominations must have appeared between January 1 and December 31, 2015.

Nomination Form & Details View the 2015 winners | The April 1, 2016 deadline has passed

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