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EMAC Charges

The Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee encourages you to:

 attend CTA Conferences during the year. Incentive Grants are available.
 become an elected delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly. The 2014 RA will be held in Denver, CO.
 encourage other ethnic minorities to get involved with CTA at all levels, and to gain greater skills that will assist you to move up within the organization to higher leadership positions.

The Charges of EMAC include:

  monitoring the goals for ethnic minority representation set forth in all CTA governing documents
  providing ethnic minority input on CTA membership programs and policies
  making recommendations to the CTA Board of Directors regarding appropriate means and methods for continuing ethnic minority input into the Association
  working toward an Association that is a balanced, all-inclusive team that communicates with, involves and empowers its equity minded members while addressing the needs of California’s diverse student population
  meeting with the Service Center Council Equity Teams to facilitate the development of their Service Center Council Equity Action Plans

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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