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KC Walsh

CTA-NEA Coordinating Director

Having served in a variety of capacities for CTA, Walsh now brings her extensive experience in association leadership to the CTA Board of Directors as the CTA/NEA coordinating director.

With 35 years of teaching experience, Walsh has taught special education for the past 29 years in the Oak Grove School District in San Jose. She currently teaches seventh- and eighth-grade special ed at Bernal Intermediate School. As a member of the Oak Grove Educators Association, she has been a site representative, secretary and president.

She has served as a State Council representative, and as a member of the California Educator and Vendor Selection Committees. She has also chaired the Elementary and Secondary Education Reauthorization Workgroup, and is serving her second term on the National Education Association board of directors. She was the recipient of the Joyce Fadem Chapter in Politics Award and also received the Santa Clara County WHO Award.

Walsh was steered toward special education at an early age, after recognizing that one of her younger brothers had difficulty reading. “I remember thinking it wasn’t his fault and that someone should be able to teach him,” Walsh reflects. She went on to earn degrees from UC Santa Barbara, CSU Long Beach and San Jose State University.

Walsh is a resident of San Jose. Email her at kwalsh@cta.org.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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