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CTA Recommended Candidates for November 2014 General Election







Jerry Brown/D          

Lt. Governor

Gavin Newsom/D

Secretary of State

Alex Padilla/D


Betty Yee/D


John Chiang/D

Attorney General

Kamala Harris/D 

Insurance Commissioner

Dave Jones/D 

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson/D   

Board of Equalization, District 1

Chris Parker/D  

Board of Equalization, District 2

Fiona Ma/D

Board of Equalization, District 3

Jerome Horton/D



AD 02 Jim Wood/D
AD 03 Jim Reed/D
AD 04 Bill Dodd/D
AD 07  Kevin McCarty/D 
AD 08  Ken Cooley/D
AD 09  Darrell Fong/D
AD 11 Jim Frazier/D
AD 12 Kristin Olsen/R
AD 13  Susan Talamantes Eggman/D
AD 14  Susan Bonilla/D
AD 15  Tony Thurmond/
AD 16 Tim Sbranti/D
AD 17 David Campos/D
AD 18 Rob Bonta/D
AD 19 Phil Ting/D
AD 20 Bill Quirk/D
AD 21 Adam Gray/D
AD 22  Kevin Mullin/D 
AD 24 Rich Gordon/D
AD 25  Kansen Chu/D 
AD 26  No Action 
AD 27  Nora Campos/D
AD 28  Evan Low/D
AD 29 Mark Stone/D
AD 30  Luis Alejo/D
AD 32 Rudy Salas/D 
AD 36 Steve Fox/D
AD 37  Das Williams/D 
AD 39 Raul Bocanegra/D
AD 40  Kathleen Henry/D 
AD 41 Chris Holden/D
AD 42 Karalee Hargrove/D
AD 43  Mike Gatto/D
AD 44  Jacqui Irwin/D
AD 45  Matt Dababneh/
AD 46  Adrin Nazarian/D 
AD 48  Roger Hernandez/D 
AD 49 Edwin Chau/D
AD 50 No Action
AD 51 Jimmy Gomez/D
AD 52 Freddie Rodriguez/D 
AD 53 Miguel Santiago/D
AD 54  Sebastian Ridley-Thomas/D 
AD 56  Eduardo Garcia/D
AD 57 Ian Calderon/D
AD 58 Cristina Garcia/D
AD 59  Reginald Jones-Sawyer/D 
AD 61  Jose Medina/D
AD 62  Autumn Burke/D 
AD 63 Anthony Rendon/D
AD 64  Mike Gipson/D
AD 65 Sharon Quirk-Silva/D
AD 66 Al Muratsuchi/D
AD 70 Patrick O’Donnell/D
AD 73  Wendy Gabriella/D 
AD 78 Toni Atkins/D
AD 79 Shirley Weber/D
AD 80 Lorena Gonzalez/D



SD 02  Mike McGuire/D 
SD 04 CJ Jawahar/D 
SD 06  Roger Dickinson/D 
SD 10  Bob Wieckowski/D 
SD 12 Anthony Cannella/R
SD 14 Luis Chavez/D
SD 18 Bob Hertzberg/D
SD 20  Connie Leyva/D 
SD 22 Ed Hernandez/D
SD 24  Kevin de Leon/D
SD 26 No Action 
SD 30  Holly Mitchell/D
SD 32 Tony Mendoza/D 
SD 34 Jose Solorio/D
SD 40  Ben Hueso/D

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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