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CTA Scholarship for Dependent Children


1. Applicant must be claimed as dependent status* on the current year’s IRS forms. Applicant must be the dependent child of an active,** or retired California Teachers Association member. Applicants are also eligible if they are claimed as dependents and are the child of a deceased CTA member. This scholarship is not available to spouses of CTA members. *Per IRS regulations. **Pursuant to CTA Bylaws

2. Submit a complete application postmarked by the deadline – February 3, 2012. A complete application consists of pages 1-6 plus official transcripts.

3. High school grade point average should reflect a high unweighted average. College coursework should reflect high academic achievement. Explain any unique circumstance related to medical,


A Complete Application Includes:

  • Membership Verification must be signed by Chapter President or designee.
  • Applicant information must be sign.
  • Applicant’s Statement.
  • School/Community Activity Record.
  • Letter of Recommendation #1 – Educator: (Teacher, Counselor, Administrator, School Coach, College Professor)
  • Letter of Recommendation #2 – Community Member: A community member is someone who knows the applicant outside of the school setting. (No educators or immediate family)
  • OFFICIAL Transcripts – Send ONLY official high school and/or college transcripts bearing the school seal. Transcripts from the most recent years of coursework will be used to compute the applicant’s GPA. Include high school transcripts if college units total less than 60 semester or 90 quarter units.


  • Please follow directions on each page. Applications that do not follow directions are considered incomplete.
  • Applications that do not have the signature of the Chapter President or designee (page 1) are considered incomplete.
  • Applications that are not signed by the applicant (page 2) affirming that he or she intends to enter an accredited school of higher learning are considered incomplete.
  • Letters of recommendation must address each category SEPARATELY or they WILL BE considered incomplete. Judges must be able to evaluate and score each category independently.
  • Choose carefully the two (2) people that will be writing the letters of recommendation. Select those that know you best and can address each category. Judges are looking for situations/examples that demonstrate achievement in each of the categories. Letters of recommendation for college admission will not be considered.
  • Transcripts and letters of recommendation may be sent under separate cover. However, it is best to include the application in its entirety in one envelope. Some applications are left incomplete because a letter of recommendation or transcript never arrives in our office.

Evaluation of Applications

1. Scholarships are awarded based on:

  • Applicant’s Statement - 30 pts
  • School and Community Activities - 20 pts
  • Letter of Recommendation #1 - 25 pts
  • Letter of Recommendation #2 - 25 pts

Points will be deducted if the guidelines are not followed.

2. Letters of recommendation must separately address each of the following categories:

  • Involvement in and sensitivity to human, social and civic issues that reflect responsibility, reliability and integrity.
  • Educational and personal achievements that reflect academic and vocational potential.

3. Applications are read in their entirety by a team of judges. The applications with the highest cumulative scores are chosen as scholarship recipients.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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