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Grade Level: 1-2
Region: 3
Student: Ramisa Subhan
Teacher: Sangeeta Maithel
Chapter: UTLA/NEA

Cesar Chavez…… A Real Community Hero


César Chávez was a community hero. I learned about him in our reading theme – Community Heroes. He helped the farm workers unite. They made signs and held them up. They protested and fought for their rights. He felt the pain of the farm workers when they didn’t get what they deserved. He had a kind and caring heart because he didn’t let the farm workers down. César Chávez was kind, brave, and caring for others that’s why he’s a true community hero. When I grow up I want to feel the pain of others like him. I have to read and do math so that I can help people who are not as0 lucky as I am because I have my parents and teachers to help me.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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