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Grade Level: 3-4
Region: 4
Student: Yessica Mox
Teacher: Joseph Amador
Chapter: Alvord EA


César E. Chávez


César E. Chávez changed our lives in many ways like: determination, sacrifice, and non-violence.

To begin with, I think César has changed our lives in many ways and has especially affected my life. Determination was one of César’s goals. He was determined to help migrant workers and other people get their rights and he never gave up. Because of him, the era that we are in, has changed.

How did it change? Good question! But I will leave that to you to find out while you are reading.

I come from a poor migrant family. My parents were determined to have a better life for me by coming to the United States. My little sister died at the age of three months old in Guatemala because my parents did not have good paying jobs with medical insurance. She died of asthma, something that can be treated here in the United Sates.

Another important reason I believe how César has changed our lives is by sacrifice. How? Well, he first sacrificed so people could have rights and not be discriminated by who they are. My parents sacrificed many things to be without so that I might live a more comfortable life like a daily change of clothes five days a week, at least one good meal a day. They made sure I attended school everyday, and that I learned English. They thought these things would help me be successful.

Finally, César changed my life by helping other people fight against violence. In Guatemala especially in Yepocapa (the town where I grew up) there was killing and kidnapping of children and adults. My parents did not want me to grow up with such violence. If he wouldn’t of fought (in words), then we would have had much more violence than we do now. Violence is something that people use everyday but it is not right. And, because it is not right, we should help the people that are using non-violence to make it better for all of us. César stated, “Non-violence is not inaction. It is not discussion. It is not for timid or weak……Non-violence is hard work. It is the willingness to sacrifice. It is patience to win.” Well we saw what he said about it and did for all of us.

In conclusion, César changed my life very much especially in the values of determination, sacrifice, and non-violence. I thank him very much especially because he has changed my life. Because of him, I have the freedom to write this.

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