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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 4
Student: Rachel Kim
Teacher: Rob Matlock
Chapter: Solana Beach TA


Healed, Reborn


It’s hard to be an immigrant without being bullied or hearing racist comments. César Chávez endured that, and he knew how it felt. He was the one who fought against the comments, the bullying, and the segregation. He wanted to speak for the workers. In fact, it did work; not only did he help many farmers but also helped them to have moments of pleasure in their lives.

I also have encountered the racist comments that hurt as much as 100 sticks and stones. My first nightmare was to move to San Diego from L.A. I did not want to start a new life in San Diego because it was so hard to start out in L.A. after coming from Korea. When I would walk by people in school in kindergarten, girls would whisper about me because I was the new kid and I was Korean. I couldn’t say anything back to them though because I didn’t have any power. It was no use. I looked around and it was just Asians playing with Asians and Americans playing with Americans.

I arrived at school in San Diego in September. The first person who came up to me was Nadia who said, “Hi, what’s your name? Do you want to play with me?” I was surprised. I felt like I had another chance to live my life with no bullying and no racist comments. I took this chance, and I made many friends. Nadia taught me to have more courage, and she taught me how to be confident. She also added humor into my life with all the hilarious jokes she told. I had a friend, a true friend who wasn’t pretending to be my friend. She treated me equally, just like César Chávez had done to many others.

Also, like César Chávez, this cycle went on and on. Throughout the third, fourth, and fifth grades, I have found many new girls who didn’t have any friends yet and who didn’t have any courage or confidence like me. I then helped them as Nadia helped me and the girls passed on the cycle too! I am now in the fifth grade, a confident, courageous girl, and I am proud of myself. That moment I found a new opportunity to restart my life, and I remember when she asked me that question, “Hi, What’s your name? Do you want to play with me?” When she said that, I knew it was the start of a new friendship without any frauds, and it was the start of a new life, a new beginning, a new launch, in San Diego.

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