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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 3
Student: Ashley Ortega
Teacher: Suzanne Dutra
Chapter: Templeton TA


César Chávez’s Effect on the World


César Chávez was a caring, successful, and influential man to all concerned. Chávez made this world a better place for many people with his life changing ideas. The principles he fought for included non-violence, innovation, teamwork, collaboration, and self determination. Among César Chávez’s many customs, health, safe food, and a clean environment are what has affected me and my generation the most.

Safer food, healthier farm workers, and a cleaner environment are a few of César Chávez’s greatest accomplishments. Chávez established this all by moving to eliminate harsh pesticides from being used on plants. The elimination of harsh chemicals insures our food is safer to eat, and it also helps the workers because they do not have to inhale the strong chemicals all day. When Chávez helped to remove pesticides from the work routine of the farm workers, it helped the environment dramatically; it saved the environment from the pesticides that would go into the environment and cause damage to our ozone layer. The health of the workers was also changed when Chávez helped them receive more breaks in their work day; this decreased the number of workers with back problems. A clean environment, safe food, and healthy farm workers are all contributions César Chávez has made for the world that I greatly admire.

César Chávez has changed many people’s lives by simply caring about our environment, the farm workers, and the plants. He helped old and young civilians through his many acts of kindness. Adults benefited from Chávez’s revolution, because they received better working conditions; all of these improvements made the worker’s jobs much easier to endure. The lives of children whose parents were working in the fields were also changed. By allowing the children’s parents to have a better career in the fields, it helped the children, in return, because it created a better home life for them where they didn’t have to worry about money or their parents’ overall physical health. César Chávez’s life work is present in my life and very important to me.

I truly believe in César Chávez’s ideas of chemical free food, healthy farm workers, and a clear environment. He protected our environment from strong chemicals. I love our planet and want it to be around for many more centuries, therefore, I disagree with pesticides. Chávez has showed me there are ways to help our environment, such as eliminating chemicals used in our atmosphere. His work has influenced me to help or planet as much as I can. I’m glad to know the food we consume is safe. Healthy farm workers are close to my heart because a few of my family members work in the fields, and I want them to be around for a long time. I feel a lot better knowing my family members are safely earning a living in the fields because of Chávez’s work. His work has decreased my worry about our atmosphere, chemicals in the food, and the health of workers, including my family members.

Though César Chávez had many principles, I was affected the most by the one that altered the health of farm workers, removed pesticides that contaminated the air and the food. Chávez helped to make many people’s lives much better. He has made this world a cleaner place, reduced the worry from people who before were concerned about chemicals in their food, and he also helped to keep the workers healthy. Chávez was a honorable and respectable man and my personal hero.

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