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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 1
Student: Jasmine Lopez
Teacher: Kathleen White
Chapter: San Jose TA


César Chávez


I’m a girl from San Jose and I have had a lot of problems in my life. You might just want to give up but you know that would not be right. César Chávez did not give up either. He fought for his and other Mexicans’ rights. He and others would go out everyday rain or shine to pick crops.

The workers knew that they were not getting treated fairly so they started to protest. Some people would tell them to go back home, or go back where they belong. But they never gave up. The people that wanted them to go back home would do anything to stop the Mexicans from protesting.

The workers saw something being sprayed on the crops everyday. That spray was called pesticide. The workers were getting sick when they would get sprayed with the pesticide. So they started to boycott the vegetables. They gave out papers and made signs so people would stop buying vegetables.

We have to thank César Chávez and the others because if they had not stopped the pesticide we would have been eating it and getting sick or maybe even die. They saved ours and other peoples’ lives. We might have some problems but think about what César Chávez and his followers had to go through.

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