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Grade Level: 5-6
Region: 2
Student: Vanessa Argumedo
Teacher: Shannon Hess
Chapter: Sylvan EA




César E. Chávez

César Chávez was a man of many principles. A few of those principles affect my life every day. One thing he fought for was the empowerment of Mexican Americans. In the year 1952, he went door to door registering Mexican Americans to vote. Chávez believed that this was the only way the government would know about their needs and do something about it. This affects my life every day because as a Mexican American and with a Mexican American family, we are still fighting for our needs. I try to encourage my mom and other family members to register themselves to vote if they can. We have family and friends who are still working in the fields and sometimes are treated unfairly. My parents still work the fields today to help pay for our every day needs, but since the pay is so little we still are struggling. My grandfather, although very elderly, even works picking peaches in the fields, and we enjoy eating them in the summer when he brings them freshly picked from the fields. Although my grandfather worked many hours under the hot sun in the fields, he didn’t get paid much money for his hard labor. He used to come home from work very tired and want to go straight to sleep because he had a hard day of work. Watching my grandfather work in the fields affected me because he is very old and always came home tired, and sometimes he still did not have enough money to buy what he needed. I tell my family that voting they can one day help people like my grandfather get paid more money for the hard work they do. I know that César Chávez helped get thousands of people registered to vote and I am only getting my family to do so, but I believe even they can make a difference. Although I am only twelve years old, I hope that just like César Chávez I can help so that my grandfather and all the other people who work in the fields are treated better and get paid more. I believe it is very important that every Mexican American who has the right to vote use that right because it is the power they have. César Chávez was a great man that helped Mexican Americans see that they do have the power to make a difference, and I hope that I can help people use that power because like César Chávez said, “Si Se Puede!” which means “Yes We Can!”

I am very proud to be able to draw a picture of César Chávez because it gives me a chance to show people who helped fight for Mexican Americans’ chance to vote.

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