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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 1 Student: Princeveer Buttar, Louis Rampone, Cassidy Rosales
Teacher: Mary Bracken
Chapter: Guerneville TA


César E. Chávez

Heroes are made not born

35 Schools, 8 grades, 1 man. These are some of the obstacles César Chávez had to overcome. He showed that with teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration you can do anything. His non-violence proved more of a point then if he were to be violent.

He used boycotts to promote workers’ safety. His march showed the world that with one common goal anything is possible. Finally, his fast showed he was willing to risk his life for the U.F.W.

César Chávez was a humble leader who knew how to stand up for himself. He was a hero to the grape pickers and to California. His legacy will live on forever.

Our picture represents bits and pieces of César’s life. The sun rising above César’s face in the clouds symbolizes the rising of the farm workers’ rights. The light shooting the U.F.W. bird in the air represents, as in Batman, when they needed a hero they got César. The line from Delano to Sacramento is the walk the migrant workers made for their cause.

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