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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 2
Student: Libby Bertelson
Teacher: Joy Cornish-Bowden
Chapter: Tracy EA


My art piece touches upon the principles of non-violence and social justice for farm workers. In the piece a child is holding grapes that make the child’s fingers look tiny in comparison with the grapes. This shows how unsuited some of the workers were for working in the fields, and prods at the idea of how tragic it was for those families to experience such poverty and low wages that made is necessary for their children to have to work in order to survive. I also made the grapes bright and plump to draw the viewer’s eye in, and away from the child holding them. This represents how overpowering the whole boycott was and how it took over the protestors’ lives and gave them a new purpose.

Being in high school, I find it easy to lose perspective on the right way to handle certain situations. Media and peer example can corrupt the teenage mind often leading us to resort to violence when solving our problems. Living by Chávez’s example of non-violence has evolved my morals and taught me to care for others.

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