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Grade Level: 3-4
Region: 3
Student: Kimberly Villaseñor
Teacher: Diane Doris Kissas
Chapter: Montebello TA


The drawing shows the migrant farm workers busy working out on the fields. Young and old worked long hours gathering crops from the fields. They worked from sun up to sun down. They lived in poor living conditions. There was no water or electricity. The migrant farm workers lived in sacks. Many of them slept on the dirty floors. Also many of the children were born without arms because of the poisonous gasses that the mother inhaled while pregnant. However because of the help of César Chávez the union was formed. On the drawing there is a picture of a sun. Inside the sun there is an eagle. The eagle is a symbol of power and strength. Also there is a worker on a small hill. Underneath him are words that state what the migrant farm workers want to achieve. They want Peace, Fair Wages, Better Living Conditions, and Safety for all workers.

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