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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 3
Student: Jonathan Jacinto
Teacher: Jeanne Brostrom
Chapter: Baldwin Park EA




César Chávez was a great hero and savior of those in need. As an example of a great leader, he left us a great legacy. He was a believer, one who believed that people should stand up for themselves and for what they want without the act of violence. As a believer, like Martin Luther King, Jr. he had a dream. His greatest dream became a reality when he formed the United Farm Workers Union with the collaboration of his people.

My work of art is a representation of the father of the farm workers, César Chávez. He appears to be looking at his past which is symbolized by the green of the field and the present of the now marching people. I created this art concept with many representations, for instance, the sun symbolizing the beginning of a new day for the lives of many. In it is the figure of the eagle as an expression of bravery and fury living inside the hearts of those people. Together, they form this eagle of the United Farm Workers of America as a union, a team, a protest, a cause, and as human beings.

The virgin of Guadalupe, on the right, is a symbol of divine guidance for her son and daughters who are marching together on a journey of a new day. She is everyone’s mother, César Chávez’s mother, my mother, and mother of God. She has seen, experienced, and even felt their struggles and injustices inside her heart because as a mother, it hurts her watching her children unjustly treated. But this day is a different day like no other, she is shining radiantly and standing strongly, looking down proudly and happily at them, those who have been mistreated and those who have gone through obstacles in life; and now she sees them standing for themselves. The day has just begun, and a new change is about to emerge, and her son, César Chávez is ready to lead a great cause. There, she is guiding them on their way to choose the right path and become invisible.

Now, it is up to the father, the chosen one, to stand up and fight with all his might for his people, for the memory of his past as a child who worked in the field with his family. The hardworking people on his back is the present living in his past, a living flashback in the presence of life. Now, he is living for them, as a symbol of justice past the field and to the road, victorious, thanks to César Chávez. Now, it is up to the farm workers and their leader to accomplish the dream that lives within all (the symbols in this drawing), part of the honor of being Mexican American.

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