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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 3
Student: Francisco Juárez
Teacher: Sonia Melendez
Chapter: Baldwin Park EA




In my collage, César Chávez was drawn in transparent paper to show that his spirit lives on through the farm workers today as a guardian angel watching over them. The field beneath him exposes the length of the fields and how much farm workers had to walk. The second field shows how farm workers struggled working on the fields. For miles, they had to carry large and heavy sacks filled with fruits and vegetables. The sack under the field represents the poor conditions farm workers had to endure everyday of their lives. The two kids underneath the grapes symbolize their hunger. If workers were hungry during their shifts they were forced to eat the pesticide filled fruit to calm their hunger. The box filled with grapes and the sign above it represents César Chávez’s method of winning his fights for better working conditions for farm workers. On the top left hand corner next to one of the vegetables there is a bottle of spray. That represents the pesticide use on fields. It is being sprayed on the various fruits farm workers harvested. I used red paper for the background with the eagle to represent the union’s flag César Chávez created. The flag was not only a symbol of the union; it was also a sign of hope for farm workers.

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