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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 1
Student: Emily Lewis, Dalton Mills
Teacher: Lisa Dittman
Chapter: Guerneville TA




César Chávez

Our drawing represents the hardships and sacrifices of César Chávez. He proved to us that if you make sacrifices for other people you always win in the end, even if you don’t. Everything he did was for the good of his fellow brothers and sisters, and for our future.

As he was moved from school to school, he endured with a whole heart and a bright mind. He learned from his teacher’s mistakes and then taught us a very important lesson. He taught us a lesson of non-violence and unification if you work together, nothing can stand in your way. César Chávez also taught us that if you set your mind on something, you can always achieve your goal, or in his words “Si Sé Puede.”

César Chávez returned to San Luis a small town near Yuma, Arizona to testify in the retrial of a lawsuit brought by Bruce Church, Inc. He returned to spend the night at the home of a family friend and died in his sleep. Later he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994 the highest honor awarded to a civilian. César touched our hearts like no one could, so we thank him every year with drawings and essays. Our way to say thanks for teaching us how to make sacrifices for others and give freely of ourselves.

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