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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 1
Student: Cristina Gonzalez-Elias
Teacher: John Robrock
Chapter: San Benito High School TA




Throughout the course of history the fight for equal rights has been never-ending. César Chávez was a man who believed that change could be brought along through non-violent means. Chávez pushed to help farm workers acquire just treatment and safe working conditions. He also understood the value of a proper education, so he sought to make that possible.

On my drawing I chose to focus on the topic of education because it’s what eliminates the boundaries that Chávez wished to see lifted. It is represented by the open book towards the bottom of the page because it’s the foundation upon which one can build their dreams. The hand that stems from the pages of the book is reaching upwards, grasping at the possibilities an education creates. Behind it are the words “dignidad,” “huelga,” and “justicia” (dignity, strike, and justice). They’re in the background because these were the thoughts in the back of the field workers’ minds and they could reach their sought after justice and dignity through peaceful strikes. The words “si se puede” are placed where the chain is breaking because it was their persistence that broke through the mistreatment and denial of rights they endured.

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