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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 2
Student: Charae McConnell
Teacher: Joy Cornish-Bowden
Chapter: Tracy EA




Oppression is a sad reality that is present throughout the history of mankind. It is a cycle that has been seen in many different countries and eras. However, one thing that we can be sure of is that following the whips and scorns of oppression there is almost always a revolution. Though revolt is a challenging action to take, it unites those that it touches, creating a strong sense of pride and unity. This was true in the case of César Chávez and his followers. By organizing into a union, farm workers were able to obliterate social and economic injustices placed on them by their oppressors.

In my piece, my goal was to illustrate the spirit of the labor union. I tried to portray the strength of the Mexican American workers and the people’s unanimous desire for justice. I think that unionization is a beautiful thing because of its ability to form connections among groups of people. It is this unity among groups that creates our many cultures and identities.

As an African American, I am able to connect the farm workers’ struggle to those of the civil rights movement. Though they are defined as different issues, in my eyes it is all the same. No matter what our race we are all equal, but equality is not always something that is given freely. When it came to César Chávez and the Farm Workers Association, their rights had to be gained with blood sweat and tears, and for that, the farm workers union should be praised.

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