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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 4
Student: Carlos Lopez
Teacher: Staci Reinalda
Chapter: Moreno Valley EA




War on Inequality

César Chávez was a general with an army locked and loaded with flags and signs expressing and standing up for what they believed in. He was one that was ready for a revolution in the farming industry. His rebellious act made him a hero in people’s eyes and that’s why I highlighted him in an illuminating light of gold. He made his mark in history; he stained our lives the way his symbol stained this brick wall. That was a representation of his legacy that he left with all of us.

I decided to free hand César Chávez because no picture captured could express the feelings that my picture expresses. He is inhaling the fumes of hatred and suffrage in the world; exhaling not air through his nose but his eyes full of tears of the innocent people that have been hurt by the cruelty of others. César Chávez was a farm worker himself growing up in poverty like his people so he knows and feels what they feel.

On the right of him is himself giving a powerful speech about how everybody no matter who you are or what situation you are in should be treated equally and that’s what the DNA strands stand for, equality. The quote on the right means “the people united can never be defeated.” That’s very true if you have numbers behind you waiting to make a change, you can’t fail. The hand of the white man has the same thing running through his veins as everybody else. What makes people better than others?

The hand highlighted in yellow is the hand of the people. They work so hard to not be replaced by another worker, so hard their hands bled. Their hand is balled up for many reasons, support, change, power, and frustration. Thousands of people that are frustrated and have been mistreated and abused can lead to many bad things in the world. Luckily they had a leader that didn’t believe in violence. That’s what the peace sign wrapped around the people’s hand represents. It is restraining the people’s hand from doing anything violent.

Last but not least the top of the drawing. The flag on the broken piece of wood represents tranquility and also victory. Though the war for equality still goes on today César Chávez and his fellow companions managed to strike hope in the hearts of the hopeless and helpless. Through him I have learned that with hard work and an education anything is possible. Knowledge is a power that can’t be stopped. It’s endless, look around you and just see what’s been accomplished with it………everything.

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