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Grade Level: 7-8
Region: 1
Student: Connor Smith and Mitchel Reesink
Teacher: Kari Johnson
Chapter: Guerneville TA




César Chávez

César Chávez was a leader. He left us with great ideas to live by. He showed everyone that people are equal and to fight for what is right. A man who is willing to fast for 26 days for cooperation from companies is a man who was great. He showed us that the best way to resolve conflict is through unionization and non-violence. He has influenced everyone with those principles. A lot of people these days do not like to use violence to resolve problems, including my partner and myself.

Our drawing shows the Mexican and American flags because we thought that it would symbolize the help that some Americans gave the National Farm Workers Association and the final agreement that came out of it. “Viva la causa” or “Long live the cause” was something that César Chávez said to the farm workers for inspiration and we thought that it was great for what they were fighting for.

The fact that he was not just fighting for himself but for farm workers everywhere was something we greatly admired. He was not only fighting just to get better hours for the workers, but he was fighting for their health and safety also. He was a team player, and he paid service to others. He wasn’t just thinking about himself. He fought for social justice. He inspires us to do what is right.

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