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Grade Level: 9-12
Region: 3
Student: Brittney De La Torre
Teacher: Jane Altenau
Chapter: Baldwin Park EA




The scene in this drawing is pretty basic, but there’s more meaning than what is seen. It is a close up of a bucket of grapes on a wooden table, and a man is about to reach for it when he’s distracted by a voice in the distance. This mysterious man is on a hill and is holding up a red flag with a white circle that encases a black bird shape. The other men at the bottom of the hill are distracted as well. The central migrant worker is faceless only for use of individual interpretation. Is he happy? Is he scared? The man on the hill is all black due to his distance and that he is facing away from the sun, but the most important reason that he is in the dark is because he is a sign of something significant coming to the people. There is also a somewhat subliminally hidden motto that says іViva la causa! somewhere on the drawing (someplace where it is dark). This, along with the man, expresses hope that is hidden in the shadows. These workers feel like there’s nothing left for them and that they are only seen as objects meant to work, but in this scene it makes it obvious that there was always a force waiting to free them from these occupational chains.

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